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What we do

We help support mothers and their partners from a ethnic families who have recently used or are currently using maternity services in the UK.

Safe Space

We create a safe and non-judgemental space for mothers and partners from ethnic communities that links families back to maternity care providers.

Raise Awareness

We raise awareness of the perinatal period with a focus on mental wellbeing. We provide cultural awareness training for healthcare professionals.

Information and Support

We provide representative information and a maternity support network for ethnic mothers and their partners.

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Raham Project Hub

Midwife-led information & support, tools and news & stories covering everything you need to know from conception to birth.

Ways to get involved

We share the voices of mothers and partners with their experiences of maternity care to help shape local services for the future. We create representative information and provide invaluable 1:1 and peer support networks for ethnic families. Your donation helps us continue our work.


Raham Project is successful thanks to the dedication and support of our volunteers, who influence the direction of our organisation and provide practical support from engaging with our communities to creating and translating content for our infographics.

We know how important it is to feel heard. We need mothers and fathers from within the diverse ethnic communities to join us in our monthly online events where you can share your experiences of maternity care in the UK.

Download our recent report

This is our 3rd annual report, sharing an overview of the activities and work that has been carried out by Raham Project.

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